About Runner’s Reflections

My name is Ahmed, more info can be found on my personal website shoukry.org.

Early 2013 I decided to get off the couch and do some running but after a couple of weeks I got some ankle problems which put me back on the couch. Again in 2014 I bought a treadmill and started to run and again I got a foot problem, however this time I bought another running shoes and kept trying. In late 2014 I decided to get a gym membership. Since then I got ups and downs but I have one goal in my head now, finish a Marathon each year and enjoy running outdoors as much as I can. I didn’t race a marathon or even half-marathon, but someday I will and for now on I really enjoy outdoor running.

December 2016 I started RunnersReflections,a blog on running, beauty of running, love of running, reflections on running and life while running, you will never understand what I am talking about until someday you will be lucky to get a runner’s high, enjoy reading.