Runner’s High – Give it to Me

I am not sure if I read about it somewhere, but when I felt it I searched for it. It’s a state of euphoric mind, a state of happiness that cannot be explained, a state of euphoric relaxed body. It is called “Runner’s High”.

It is different from the sense of accomplishment you get when you stick to schedule or overachieve.

When does it kick in ? Not sure, in my case I usually feel it at the end of the run and afterwards. One day it lasted for hours.

Remember not all runs will give you this state of euphoria, but you need to push in your run routine in order to someday it’s gonna hit you and blow your mind.


Tomorrow is a BIG Day

Last time I ran 10k was maybe 25 years ago.

When I started to run again at the age of 37, I had the dream of completing 10K.

I had so many ups and downs in the past 2 years, whenever I increased my mileage I always hit a point and got injured.

Tomorrow is a big day for me, I will try to hit the 10k mark.

I prepared the course on garmin connect, it will not be on my wrist as my garmin smart hr plus does not support it, however I did calculate the distance. I also prepared a course that will pass into downtown Cairo, a course I have been dreaming to run through long time ago.

I got my playlist prepared and ready to go, wish me luck.