Night Running

Only three weeks have passed since my last run, and I felt like I never ran before. Although it’s almost two years now since I started to run regularly, I still get the feeling of newbies when I stop running for a week or two. And the more I take a break from running the more I doubt my body and my will that I will run again. Today I wanted to run in the morning and woke up at 7 am, looked through the window for a couple of minutes, fighting to go to bed again, and after 15 minutes of aimless screen scrolling I decided to sleep again. My lazy mind won, “it’s too sunny, go to sleep.”

Running keeps me sane and mentally stable. And I don’t know if I was mentally unstable all my life and didn’t know it, or it was the new mental instability that made me seek running. I am not talking here pathological instability, it’s the stressful life that makes your mind too busy and your mood status on a rollercoaster. It’s quite strange when we sometimes know our remedy and hesitate to take it. It’s just like when we know something is wrong for our health and keep doing it.

When the night came, and after I felt that my heavy lunch has passed my stomach stage and started its long way through the intestine, I decided to give it a try. I went on for a run without a watch, GPS, or any tracking device. It didn’t take a minute or two then I started to feel the Mojo again. I didn’t have an intention to run a specific distance, but I wished for two lapses in the 2k track. Minutes passed, and it felt great. By the end of my 4k run, I was running with nearly closed eyes, maximizing my music listening experience while a light blow of wind touching my forehead.

One last thing, night running is so beautiful.

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